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Beluga Bay


Kanga Fu


The pulse, the energy, the creative rhythm that happens when people from around the world come together to create, connect, and collaborate.

Barclay Square Media© Envisioning and producing programs and experiences for KIDS of all generations and their grown-ups.

About Us

Barclay Square Media is a creative development shop and producer of children’s media properties founded by creator and executive producer Jill Shinderman.

With more than 20 years of wondrous child centered expertise, Barclay Square Media continues to fuse the latest and most integral research-based, educational and child development tenets, with creating extraordinarily fun and engaging programs, media properties, and experiences for the youth market.

Our visionary partners and creators recognize that EXCELLENCE connects all generations.

Funny, thoughtful, playful, and inspiring, Barclay Square Media creates programs and experiences with evergreen style, a plentitude of comedy, and a graceful standard of integrity in all it imagines and creates!


The Story
Behind the Square

As you might know, Berkeley Square is a beautiful tree lined square in London’s Mayfair. It is also the setting for the whimsical song “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”, depicting the magic that happens on a certain night when two unassuming people meet for the very first time. With a simple smile, and an unforeseen connection, something begins to grow and become larger than ever anticipated. Totally prolific and completely profound, in all its authenticity, it is just right.

With a slight slant on the spelling, and a joyful respect to the square and the lyrical song, grew Barclay Square Media — a visionary culture that consists of the pulse, the energy, the creative rhythm that happens when people from around the world come together to CREATE, CONNECT and COLLABORATE.

Barclay Square Media is about how surprising creativity truly is and how it happens in its most genuine form when you simply open yourself up and connect.

Life on the square is always buzzing with projects and possibilities, but we always find time to just breathe, to just play, and to just be.

At Barclay Square Media we take pride in staying connected, yet relish in the moments that remain unplugged. We believe that great shows and projects don’t just happen – they are built by teams of amazingly talented, dedicated people. People who innately create without judgment and take risks that send them soaring to the moon and back as if they didn’t even have a choice.

Barclay Square Media is funny, thoughtful, playful, and surprising! It is classical elegance with a graceful standard of quality and integrity in all it imagines, produces and creates.


FUNNY, THOUGHTFUL, PLAYFUL, and INSPIRING! It is through evergreen characters and great story telling that Barclay Square Media engages KIDS and the grown-ups in their lives, to play, discover, connect and grow together.

Splash and Bubbles







Teenage life has never been so totally transparent.


Junkyard Pups


kanga-fuKanga Fu

Sonny & Sky


Little Gorilla




  • Splash and Bubbles

  • Beluga Bay

  • Wee Charming Beasties

  • Sweet Sugar Lane

  • Invisibella

  • Junkyard Pups

  • Kanga Fu

  • Sonny & Sky

  • Little Gorilla

  • Imaginocean

  • Fred USA

  • The Spikey Headz

  • Puddles

  • Cowboy Planet

  • Ollie & Chog

  • Polar Star Puppies

  • The Fair Ness

  • Kanga Ruby’s Playtime Theater


Our Collaborators

At Barclay Square Media we believe that great shows and great projects don’t just happen, they are built by teams of amazingly talented, and dedicated people. Our collaborators are true partners and visionaries who create without judgment, take risks without safety nets, and share a collective dream to connect the world with ideas and possibilities.

  • Artists who we enjoy creating with
    • Steve Breen (Pulitzer Prize Winning Editorial Cartoonist)
    • Ruth Lercher Bornstein (Author, Illustrator, Poet, Painter)
    • Arpi Krikorian (Prolific Artist and Painter)
    • Denise Gallagher (Graphic Designer and Illustrator extraordinaire)
    • Michael Ceballos (CEO/Director/Executive Producer for Twiddle Productions)
    • Ashley King (Imaginative Illustrator, Animator, and Children’s Author)
  • Writers who we love to collaborate with
    • Joe Purdy (Emmy award winning writer and funny man)
    • Lauren Sands (LMNO PIX)
    • Jill Shinderman
    • John Tartaglia
    • Michael Shawn Lewis
  • Production Partners who we share and tell stories with
    • 9 Story Entertainment
    • Gables Grove Productions
    • Jane Startz Productions
    • Portfolio Entertainment
    • The Jim Henson Company
    • The Walt Disney Company
    • Nickelodeon Animation Studio
    • Sprout
    • PBS Kids
  • Arts and Education Partners who we strive to make a difference with
    • New York Children’s Theater Festival
    • Students Run LA
    • Books for a Reason


With locations in New York
and Los Angeles

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